About Pukeko Design

After many years of theatre Design, Sarah Waghorn created Pukeko Design to take the magic of theatre and apply it to events. Pukeko Design can create exactly what you are looking for with the least amount of fuss.

Sarah Waghorn

Lead Designer

Originally from New Zealand, Sarah began her training at Toi Whakaari, New Zealand’s foremost training establishment of the dramatic arts. From there, she spent time refining her skills in theatre and operas in the United States and China before settling down in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

After designing over 50 shows in 5 years, Sarah began to further challenge herself by taking on event design. She began working with local caterers and charities, creating comprehensive themes for each of their event. Sarah is not only a skilled designer but accomplished craftsperson as well, having personally built most of the set, costume and prop pieces that she has designed over the years.

Sarah not only knows what can be done but knows how to do it.

Kevin Waghorn

Production Services

Kevin possesses an extensive production background. His experience as Executive Producer of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, along with his experience as Stage Manager for countless theatrical productions, has given him a unique perspective as an event organizer. He can address any audio-visual needs or concerns you may have. He is a strong organizer of people and can keep any event running seamlessly.

“Some stage managers are good at putting out fires. I prefer to keep the candles away from the drapes.”

Cara Rowlands

Associate Designer

Cara Rowlands studied Film Studies and Art History at Carleton University and followed that up with a traditional animation diploma at Algonquin College. After a brief stint working at local animation studio Mercury Filmworks, Cara has been designing event posters for many events in Ottawa. These include roller derby posters for both the Rideau Valley Roller Girls and the Capital City Derby Dolls, the posters for both the 2010 and 2011 Lumiere Festival, and posters for various theatrical productions.

In addition to poster design, Cara makes the muffins for Social Media Breakfast Ottawa, at which her maple, bacon and date muffins are always a hit. Cara has been working with Pukeko Design since 2010, helping with event coordination and decoration as well as invitation and logo designs. Her animation, illustration and graphic design work can be seen atĀ www.cararowlands.com

What is a Pukeko?

Pukeko Design is named after theĀ Pukeko, (New Zealand swamp hen). It is one of the few New Zealand native birds to have flourished since the arrival of people, and can be found in almost any grassland area, especially in swampy locations. Groups will often be seen foraging for food in road-side areas.

With their bright blue plumage and red beaks, they easily stand out against the New Zealand greenery, particularly when their white tail feathers begin flashing in alarm. Just why they have struck a chord with the Kiwi psyche is hard to say, but you’ll find their images on all manner of art and craft works. Ask any visitor to New Zealand what bird they remember most, and they will more than likely answer, “The Pukeko!”