One Museums junk is another Theatres treasure

By Kevin Waghorn — August 16, 2012

An awesome addition to the Pukeko Design costume collection was acquiring 40 new pieces from the Museum of Civilizations Dramamuse collection.

About a year ago the Museum decided to eliminate the Dramamuse troupe as part of cost cutting. The role of this troupe was to dress up in period costumes and engage visitors to the Museum. With the program no longer continuing the Museum no longer had any use for the costumes and put them up for sale.

The pieces range from the 1920’s to the 1950’s and many of them are actual dresses from the era. We also gained shoes, hats and a much coveted leather Dr’s bag.

Adding these pieces to an already extensive costume collection makes Pukeko Design a well rounded resource for local theatre companies, school and caterers to costume and theme their events.

We have a love of history, authenticity and beauty and these pieces are all of that!