One Nite Wonders

By Kevin Waghorn — June 8, 2012

One Night Wonders was a fundraiser put on by the Lift Foundation. Whenever you work with a not-for-profit or charity you work as hard as you can to ensure that the funds raised go directly back into the organization. Sometimes the vision of the event may call for things that make that difficult. Our biggest challenge for the One Nite Wonders project was creating a ‘1960’s Ed Sullivan style backdrop’ from a two-dimensional event logo. For graphic designers, there are many considerations that go into developing a logo. How to make a three-dimensional version of it on a limited budget is generally not one of those considerations.

Luckily, the logo was quite a striaghtforward design and we immediately decided that 3D letters would make it more interesting. We looked into places that could manufacture the letters we wanted as we wanted, but the costs of this would have used up the majority of our budget. After mulling over a few ideas of how to approach the letters, we decided to give Styrofoam sculpting a try.

Cara Rowlands, who has many years of carving pumpkins under her belt, took the lead on this. She set about recreating the exact fonts out of 1 ½-inch thick Styrofoam sheets. After carving them and foam coating them, we applied them to our multi-piece backdrop and got an amazing end product. Our final cost was a fraction of any of the quotes we had received from outsourcing it. Now we have a great new skill to offer our clients and little bits of Styrofoam all around the workshop.